Inspire a different way of thinking.


We can all thrive:

Change, in what ever form, requires us to step outside our comfort zone. I work with individuals, teams and organisations to support them to get comfortable with discomfort, and empower them to embrace change

‘Up+thrive empowers entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders with the mindset and resilience to embrace change and thrive’

How would it feel to:

Inspire - to spark a different way of thinking

Evolve - build your resilience to change and develop a global mindset

Transform - in to a new confident way of being

Let’s collaborate.


‘My collaborative approach provides insights that bring immediate results in a positive and stimulating learning environment’

— Kathryn Eade, Director of Up+thrive

Enabling you to thrive.


How I can help you thrive:

I have over 20 years experience living with change, and helping others through it.  I offer solutions that are flexible and tailored to your needs and the unique challenges you face.  I’ll start by asking questions and then I’ll ask some more before helping you develop actionable and achievable goals.

I work face to face or remotely with individuals, small groups or larger teams. Whether you’re a leader in a global organisation or a parent dreaming of the flexibility of setting up your own business, I have the tools and techniques to help you face change and thrive.

‘Kathryn is able to stand in the shoes of her clients and hone in on what they need. She translates her knowledge and experience in to practical solutions her clients can use to achieve their potential. Working with her is always both stimulating and fun!,

Florence Roisin Co-Founder & CEO of Magellan-Transition