Global Skills for the Future Workplace

Today’s workplace is ever changing, always on and globally connected.

Employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate respect for others, an ability to build trust and work effectively in diverse teams. They need employees that are open to new ideas and can easily adapt to new circumstances. From effective networking to successful team working, global skills are a must for the future workplace.

The University of Chester, along with many other institutions recognise the need for building these skills in their students and creating global graduates, and invited me to deliver a session for their ‘Enhance Your Employability’ programme on 'Building Global Skills for the Future Workplace'.

During this 90 minute workshop students gained a better insight in to the global skills employers are looking for, had an opportunity to test (in the gentlest sense of the word!) their intercultural capabilities and explored some ideas with their peers on how to develop these skills whilst at University.

Actions that the students committed to take as a result of attending the session included “To make an active attempt to engage more with people from different cultures; “to join an international society”; “to contribute more in group discussions and not be afraid’; “to learn more about cultural difference”; “to complete my application for the job I want in Hong Kong.”

“Kathryn's level of professionalism, specialist knowledge and enthusiasm made this session incredibly eye-opening, engaging and interactive. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed it and provided extremely positive feedback. I look forward to planning more training sessions for next academic year with her.”

Amber Gafoor, Careers & Employability, University of Chester

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Student feedback

“Amazing. Loved the interactive element.”

“Really well though out and engaging”

“Great group work”

“To be able to have the opportunity to communicate with each other, to make those connections and make the first steps was really helpful”

Interested in supporting your students to step outside their comfort zone, engage with difference and develop into Global Graduates? Please get in touch to find out how I can help.

Kathryn Eadeup+thrive