Creating stand out Business Growth Programmes that weave mindset throughout to create resilient entrepreneurs and thriving businesses

It is only through ongoing consistent messaging throughout programmes and frequent one to one support we gain the self awareness that creates opportunities for lasting positive change and personal growth.

What is Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Mindset consists of a person’s thoughts, opinions, values and beliefs. It is what I believe creates the ‘real’ deep obstacles to entrepreneurial achievement and success.

Why Entrepreneurial Mindset?

I truly believe through my own experience and my experience of supporting others, that in order for your Accelerator programmes to be transformative, impactful and successful for the long term, mindset must be consistent and persistent.

If you want to help your entrepreneurs to truly succeed and truly scale, you need not just a modular approach to mindset. A bolt on is not enough. It needs to run throughout; like words in a stick of rock.

‘Mindset is the heartbeat of entrepreneurial success’

Why Up+thrive

Over 20 years experience of supporting a wealth of individuals across the globe from elite sports people, business leaders, media professionals and academics in mindset and resilience.

Well established reputation built over 15 years within the Higher Education sector for delivering high quality programming

As an entrepreneur and global small business owner myself I have experienced first hand the importance of a performance mindset for long term success;

  • Managing your energy over time;

  • The ability to deal with risk and failure without burning out or missing opportunities;

  • Understanding how your thoughts and beliefs of yourself might be holding you back and impacting on your results,

  • Clarity on what ignites your passion and an inspirational vision

  • understanding strengths and boundaries so you can show up fearlessly as 100% authentically you.

“You helped me to identify what I really wanted my new business to achieve and have given me the confidence to believe I can succeed”

What you will gain from working with me:

·       Enhanced reputation and success of your Growth Programme.

·       Attract your target businesses that want to grow.

·       Engage with entrepreneurs who want to thrive, and take you with them.

·       Maximise the impact of your programme through an innovative and engaging approach.

What your entrepreneurs will gain:

  • Unique insight, resources and ongoing support through their entrepreneurial journey helping them to grow a more resilient mindset.

  • A different way of thinking and feeling about themselves empowering them to embrace opportunities to achieve a higher level of business success.

  • Greater awareness to look closer to home in identifying the real obstacles to their growth and success beyond external factors.

‘I work collaboratively with you and your entrepreneurs to cultivate and maintain valuable, sustainable relationships.’