Bringing Teams Together


What is a team?

One person can’t do everything. In teams, individuals come together sharing their strengths to solve complex problems. To be an effective team member you have to listen to others, show empathy and work collaboratively to achieve great results.

Good teams don’t just happen. Misunderstandings, lack of trust, low engagement and fear of change all affect performance. I can help you by providing tools and insights to overcome these common issues.

‘Teams that talk to each other, that have real conversations, trust each other, form better relationships, are more engaged and perform better at work.’

I can help you:

·      Create a team climate of trust and mutual respect

·      Explore diversity within your team and make this a strength

·      Have open and honest conversations with everyone in your team

·     Understand what it means to be in your team, and define exactly what’s it’s trying to achieve

·      Welcome new members and different ideas, and still perform

·      Understand why there is conflict within your team and work towards a resolution

What you will gain from working with me?

·     Increased performance and engagement

·     Greater self awareness, individually and within your team

·     Realisation that teams that are dynamic and agile have the resilience to cope with fast pace change

·     Greater understanding of all your team members, leading to improved team cohesion

“The ability to quickly build, deploy, disband and reform teams is a critical skill for today’s organisation.” Deloitte University Press, 2016

Let’s work together:


Building Successful Remote Global Teams

In today’s globally connected workplace, virtual teams are common, but increasingly complex. Teams now cross not only geographical boundaries and use different language, but also encompass different working styles and cultures. 

Trust, excellent communication, and shared vision are all important to ensure your teams perform at their very best. Using my experience of working in and with global teams, I support you and your team to create a clear and compelling direction. I help ensure each individual is understood, connected to the team goal and empowered to take responsibility.

Boosting your Intercultural communication

Authentic two-way human conversations build relationships, trust and engagement. I work with you either in a workshop setting or 1-to-1 to give you the opportunity to practise your communication skills. We will explore how to overcome a language barrier, and create a set of good practice principles to become a more effective communicator.

Helping you thrive outside your comfort zone

We live in a time of unprecedented change and transition. We all need to be resilient to change to be successful and feel confident. Working 1-to-1 or in a group workshop, I support you to understand what happens when we step out of our comfort zone. I help you to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and introduce you to a set of well-tested strategies you can use to help you make the most of change.